We’ve listed some commonly asked questions below, but if you’ve got a question that isn’t covered, please get in touch.

If you are planning a large project you will need planning permission; however, under permitted development (PD) laws, smaller projects do not require planning permission, provided that your property isn’t listed, in a conservation area, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in a national park or the broads.

Although the frame itself will be made of oak, other types of wood or composite materials can be used were required. For example, softwoods for studwork joists and rafters where they are not seen; Glulam (glued laminated timber), where large spans or architectural shapes are required; cladding, which can be larch, cedar or Douglass fir.

Oak Framed buildings have been around for centuries and many are still standing today. Your oak framed building should last for 200 years and with ongoing maintenance and refurbishment could last for a further 200 years beyond that.

All of our oak is supplied by sawmills in Shropshire and Derbyshire, with the oak itself coming from managed forests in France. The oak is sourced from single species forests, which are cropped on a rotating cycle. The competition between the trees to reach the sunlight results in the trees having very long straight trunks compared to those grown in mixed deciduous woodland. We are also able to source English oak for you project, especially where architectural features, such as crucks, are part of the design.

Although we offer a full building service, we are happy to supply just the frame to be erected by yourselves on your prepared pre-base.

We only build bespoke frames and as such all of our projects are uniquely designed to suit your individual needs and those of your site.

Yes. We provide a full architectural design service, turning your ideas into an oak frame building unique to you.

Of course. You can incorporate as much, or as little glass into green oak frame as you like. We use seasoned oak to frame the glass to prevent the movement of the green oak compromising the glass.

No, all green oak frames shrink as they dry out; this is known as the seasoning process. This process will take many years; although the most obvious shrinkage will occur in the first couple of years. This is an entirely natural process, during which time the frame will develop cracks (known as ‘shakes’), twist and settle. This period of ‘movement’ is not as violent as the term suggests; all of the jointing and pegging that has been designed into your frame will minimise this movement and, in the process, become stronger as a result.

As the oak dries, shrinkage across the timbers’ width causes surface cracks to appear and some internal joints to open up at the shoulders. This is quite normal. The increase in strength of the oak as it dries, more than compensates for any cracks in its surface. This process only adds to a frame’s individuality and character.

No, the braces in our oak frames are made from seasoned oak, as are our hand-drawn pegs. We can also build the entire frame from seasoned oak, which will reduce shrinkage and movement, as the timber has already lost much of its moisture content.






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